Take control and
simplify your medical


iMac Computer with Tempida on screen

Works with any EHR/EMR system

Tempida works with your existing EHR system to dramatically speed up and simplify medical documentation using intelligent, user-created templates. Even complex medical documents can be generated with a few simple clicks. Tempida even works with facilities that are still using paper documentation.

Cloud and webserver-based

This means that there’s no software to download and install so you can use Tempida on any computer with a web browser including hospital computers. All of your templates are stored in the cloud for easy access from any computer. This also means that you own your templates, and they aren’t locked into your EHR system. If you work at multiple locations that aren’t on the same EHR, or even if you leave your practice and join another practice, your templates are always with you.

Designed by physicians

Tempida was designed by physicians, not computer programmers, so it’s simple and easy to use. Physicians can program their own smart templates to make medical documentation a breeze.

Universal sharing of templates

Not all physicians want to take the time to create medical documentation templates from scratch. Because of Tempida’s cloud-based design, users that create useful templates can share them nation-wide and even get paid for their work. Templates that you create can either be stored publicly for access by any other user, or can be stored privately for only your use.

Incredibly fast

Let’s face it, physicians and other healthcare providers are trained to see, diagnose, and treat patients—not spend their valuable time in front of a computer documenting. Recent studies have shown that physicians spend over 50% of their time documenting on EHR systems instead of seeing patients. Tempida allows even complex notes to be generated with only a few simple clicks. With intelligently programmed templates, Tempida users will typically see a 60-80% reduction in documentation time. This translates directly into increased productivity.

User programmable

Tempida is fully programmable by users to suit their practice style. You are not locked into templates created by others and can program templates to your liking.

Significantly reduces the need for dictation or voice recognition

Let’s face it. It takes time to dictate a note. Wouldn’t it be great if you can generate a note of the same quality of a dictated note with just a few clicks? Tempida’s programmable, intelligent design allows for this.

Eliminate expensive scribes

Because EHR systems have become so complex and cumbersome, many practices have resorted to employing scribes to handle medical documentation tasks. Because Tempida is so fast and programmable, medical documents can be generated with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to hire scribes. Even if you continue to employ scribes, Tempida makes them much more efficient.