How is Tempida able to work with any and every EHR system?

Tempida transfers documents using the clipboard. A document generated in Tempida on a web browser is automatically copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into any EHR system.

What about HIPAA compliance?

Since there is no patient identifying information stored in Tempida templates, HIPAA does not apply. Non-patient identifying text is copied to the clipboard by Tempida and is stored in your existing EHR when it’s pasted there. Therefore, there’s no need for a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to use Tempida. Also the Tempida application is completely sandboxed when using a template. This means that once a template is loaded, any editing done on the template happens only on the local machine and is not externally transmitted. In fact, due to the sandboxing, once a template is loaded, the computer can be completely disconnected from the network and the application will still work fine.

How much does Tempida cost?

Tempida Documenter and Tempida Autopilot are two independent applications that work seamlessly together. You can choose to use either one or both, depending on your needs. Each application has a $2000 per provider initial setup cost, which includes programming for your EMR and training. There is a $200 monthly cost per application which includes support, cloud storage, and all upgrades2

How can Tempida save me money?

This one is simple. Tempida drastically reduces the time needed for documenting a clinic visit. As a result you are able to see more patients in the same amount of time. In general seeing only one additional patient on one single day of the month will cover Tempida’s subscription fee. However, most physicians will significantly increase the number of patients they can see in a typical month which translates directly into increased revenue.

My EHR system already has a template feature. Why is Tempida better?

Many reasons. First, Tempida is user-programmable so that complex documents can be generated with a few simple clicks. Using Tempida typically reduces your documentation time by 60-80% over standard EHR templates. Second, since Tempida templates are not locked into your EHR system, they are universally available no matter which facility you are at and no matter which EHR system they use. Finally, Tempida allows for nation-wide sharing of templates. Our goal is to create a nation-wide library of artificially-intelligent medical document templates in any specialty that are simple and easy to use.

How do I learn how to use Tempida?

After you create and account and login, you will be shown a getting started video to help you get started. After this, you can schedule a free one-on-one training session via Zoom with one of our physicians to help you get started. If you are moderately tech-savvy, there are complete training videos under the help section of the app to teach yourself how to use Tempida.

Can I get professional help in getting started?

Sure. We want to make sure that your experience with Tempida is simple and easy. That’s why we will schedule a free, one hour, one-on-one training session via Zoom to help you get started after you sign up. After this session, most physicians will have enough knowledge to create and modify their own templates. But for those that want one of our staff to design templates for them to their exact specifications, we offer additional one-on-one time for a time-based charge.

I already have some templates stored in my EHR system. How can I transfer them to Tempida?

Simple—just copy them from your EHR system and paste as a new template into Tempida. From there, you can “program” the logic for your template to your liking and store them in the cloud.

What type of medical documents can Tempida generate?

Any type of medical documents like op notes, clinic notes, hospital notes, or even nurse’s notes can be generated in Tempida. If the document is text-based, Tempida can handle it.

Can Tempida handle all of my medical documentation?

This is variable between providers and their practice. In general, 50-60% of all visits can be handled entirely by Tempida. Another 10-20% of visits can have their notes generated in Tempida, but may require small alterations after being pasted into the EMR. However, there will always be a small percentage of very complex patients with complex histories and treatment regimens for which a dictated note would still be most efficient.

The computers at my hospital are locked down and don’t allow new software to be installed on them. Can I still use Tempida on them?

Absolutely! That’s the advantage of a web-server-based system like Tempida Documenter. There is no software to install. Simply open a web browser on your hospital computer (either Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge) and go to Tempida.com to access all of your templates.

What devices will Tempida work on?

Tempida works on any laptop or desktop computer—Mac or PC—with a web browser—either Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge. Presently, Tempida does not work on mobile devices like phones or tablets, but we plan on releasing a version for the iPad in the future.

Does Tempida work with my voice recognition software?

Sure, however the real benefit of Tempida is that it significantly reduces the need for dictation, so you’ll rarely need to use any voice recognition. But, if you want to still dictate small portions of a note to make it more customized for a patient, you can still do this. In fact, you can insert the square brackets [ ] into a Tempida note so that you can use the next and previous buttons on your voice recognition software to automatically select portions of the note that you may want to dictate.

No. Tempida is designed to work along side any existing EHR system to make it more efficient, but it's not a replacement for your EHR system.

No. Tempida is designed to work along side any existing EHR system to make it more efficient, but it’s not a replacement for your EHR system.

Tempida Autopilot

How does Tempida Autopilot work?

We see what workflow steps are required to perform tasks in your existing EMR. Then we program Autopilot to perform these tasks freeing the physician of this burden. There can be multiple workflows programmed that are specific to each user. Workflows can be initiated using a hotkey.

Can Autopilot work with multiple monitors?

Yes. Autopilot can see all monitors connected to the computer and can perform tasks on any monitor.

Can Autopilot work with multiple applications?

Yes. Autopilot is EMR and application agnostic. It can work with any EMR or any application in a single workflow.

What devices can Autopilot work on?

Autopilot requires a Windows PC that is either a laptop or desktop.

How does Autopilot interface with the Tempida Documenter?

Autopilot can read all text exported by the Tempida Documenter including all text in Tempida fields. This means that it can enter this text automatically in any EMR at the proper locations.

How are Autopilot workflows stored?

Autopilot workflows are stored in the cloud. This means that when you login to Autopilot all your personal workflows are automatically downloaded and stored on the local machine for you use.